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My retiring post….

27 Oct

Edit: Gord: You made me laugh so much. Ill remember and cherish your super sexyness <3. Thanks Gordon.

Dale, Cece, Uni, Re and the others who know who they are like Khimo, Honk, Dino, Moto, HerehshssshsehseseahsB aUJB, Gord ( i put them cus they are super sexy <3) Thanks for being some great friends of mine ❤

Hey readers, as you can see on the title. Im retiring :(. I wont be leaving xat. Not many people do but im going to tell my history:

Just as I was browsing the server Beanie. I was in the snowforts and saw dancing blue penguins shouting ‘JOIN US’ . So I joined them XD . A few minutes on the chat a name popped up known as ‘Honkzo6’ and all of a sudden I knew id found a great friend, which he still is 😀 ! As the years went by I had so many friends which kept me but my closest were Dino, Albert, Icey, Honkzo, Keerstin, Venus and so many more. I didnt want to leave. Until now. I realise I am a bit to old for Club Penguin 😦 . But as I leave id like to give my reasons that these people are my friend :

Magma: We were and still are the best of friends. I couldnt ask for more. You led me the way I should go. Thanks Magma 😀

Albert: Where do I begin, your like an older brother to me. You showed me a way through things and showed me how to kill penguins with virtual snowballs !

Dino:  You were also one of my first. You got me through situations which I couldnt solve and were just amazing. Thanks man.

Iceyfeet: You were a great leader to me and I hope you keep it up. Thanks.

Honkzo: As I said above. You were the greatest friend I could ever have.Good luck on MOC.

Keer: You probably wont see this. But thanks  for making me laugh and being a great friend when I needed one.

Venus: It all started in an You were one of my best friends aswell :D. Thanks Venus.

Gobble: You were epic. Good luck in IW and I hope you get your owner rank :D.

Maddy + Maggy : wtf which ones maddy and which ones maggy wut?

Hershehehehehehe: ❤ ily. you were my bestest fwend eva ! Ill miss you hersh the most :(. Thanks for being a great friend :D.

Moto: i call popo on u. Thanks for being a great friend along with hersh. You were like my brother. Ill miss you alot aswell :(. Thanks Moto

Cheeze: still got naked posters of you.

Dash: Great friend back in 2010. Never forget you buddy, hope to talk to you in Ice Warriors more buddy <3.


Funki: Funki was one of the people who got me through my IW career. Im still not sure if Funki is a girl or a boy because I get mixed up with others. Looking into that ^_^. Thanks funk.

To the people I missed thanks for helping me through my IW career.

Heres my leaving song 😥 :

See you soon. Goodbye and farewell 😦 !